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Subject:  Re: LOL @ CBS Poll.... Date:  2/28/2006  11:12 PM
Author:  LurkerMom Number:  904114 of 2381073

The process of weighting sample is proper methodology. Having spent the last 11 years working with polling and research sample, I explain the basic concept here:

The bottom line is.....Bush doesn't care about the poll and it will not hurt his chances for re-election. ;) As far as other Republicans go come election time, well, I'm confident the ones I support, and that also goes for a few Democrats, will do ok.

VARGAS: I know you don't read the polls. You have said that many, many times.

BUSH: So what are you going to do, ask me about a poll?

VARGAS: I am going to ask about a poll, just the most recent poll that's out today that does have your approval rating at an all-time low for your administration. You don't care about that, but you have talked a lot about political capital, the importance of it, the value of it, your intention to use it. Do you think you have political capital right now?

BUSH: I've got ample capital and I'm using it to spread freedom and to protect the American people, plus we've got a strong agenda to keep this economy growing. The economy is strong. A good, healthy rate last year, productivity is up, we're creating jobs. The unemployment rate's 4.7 percent nationally. I mean, this is a strong economy.

And I talked to the Congress about how to make sure that we remain the leader in the world when it comes to economic vitality and growth for the good of our own people. And we've got a good, strong agenda, and I'm confident we'll be able to get a lot of the agenda through the Congress, including changing how we drive cars, getting unhooked from oil; including a competitiveness initiative that encourages research and development as well as educating children in math and science; health initiatives that empower the consumer and make sure the doctor-patient relationship is central to health care, health savings accounts.

We've got a very robust agenda, and I'm confident we'll get it through.

VARGAS: So you're not worried about that at all?

BUSH: No, listen, you know, I know people make a big deal out of these things. If I worried about polls, I would be — I wouldn't be doing my job. And, look, I fully understand that when you do hard things, it creates consternation at times. And, you know, I've been up in the polls, and I've been down in the polls. You know, it's just part of life in the modern era.

I think the American people — I know the American people want somebody to stand on principle, decide, make decisions and stand by them, and to lead this world toward a more peaceful tomorrow. And I strongly believe we are doing that, and I'm — I got to tell you, I'm enjoying it. It's a fantastic opportunity.


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