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Subject:  Allen Greenspan's Third Party Date:  3/1/2006  9:12 AM
Author:  downisland Number:  904215 of 2351649

I just heard on the TV that former Fed. Chair Allen Greenspan is saying America needs a third political party to get through the Washington political gridlock. What do people here think that Third Party would look like? Does anyone here know what Greenspan espouses politically now that he is a private citizen?
I personally would hope for a Third Political Party that didn't try to solve so many international problems through war. I would wish for some new political leaders who are well educated in economic theory, to help keep the USA economically competitive in this Brave New World.
I dream of a Third Party that would be willing to tackle America's Health care crisis, and develop a National Health Care System where health care costs would be spread out equitably between, businesses, government and individuals. I personally would wish for a Third Party which supported a woman's right to choose with regard to the issue of abortion. Perhaps the new National Health Care program could pay for birth control so abortion would be infrequent. Just a few of my wish lists items. Any thoughts? Tax credits for entrepreneurs? More On site Day care for families at their workplaces? Utopia anybody?
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