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Subject:  How do you guys get up in the morning? Date:  3/1/2006  9:12 AM
Author:  eatnbybears Number:  904216 of 2381073

Do you ever read your Liberal crying?

My God, we live in a land of a two party system, you lose, you regroup and spend the next four years planning and making your case to the public.

Tears, sobs, sitting in the dugout holding your head claiming the other team is cheating and breaking the rules ... that is not making your case to the public.

In fact, if you saw a professional sports team doing it you would go ... what a bunch of losers.

If the Democrats would get off their sobbing butts and start to present programs to help the country, to police and raise hell when giant bridge projects go through, to offer alternatives to the public spelled out with how, why, how it will be paid for .... then the public might believe the Dem's have something to offer.

But preaching doom, gloom, failure, accusations, semi info, dark and depressing hopelessness ....

Would you join that club?

Man ... read your posts ... look at yourselves ... you are caught in a spiral and don't seem to even know it ...

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