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Subject:  Lieberman: Republican or Democrat? Date:  3/1/2006  11:26 AM
Author:  ramsfanray Number:  904309 of 2322084

Let's look at where he stands with the Democrats:

Pro-choice, opposed Bush's tax plan, supporter of Affrimative Action, voted to have hate crimes laws cover sexual orientation, supports condom distribution in schools, opposes drilling in ANWR, supports raising mileage standards, voted no on confirming Gail Norton as Sec of Interior, voted no on placing restrictions on violent video games, does not believe in pre-emptive war policy, voted no on photo ID's for voters, voted yes on background checks at gun shows, wants government funded health coverage for all children, voted NO on Bush's medicare plan, voted to raise minimum wage, against privatizing Social Security, wants to raise taxes on the highest 2%, voted no on eliminating the estate tax

The guy sounds like a pretty good Democrat when you look at this so why are they trying to push him out?

Let's see:
Supports war in Iraq, supports a capitol gains tax cut, supports NAFTA, supports embargo against Cuba, works with Bill Bennett to denouce Hollywood, supports some limited form of school choice and vouchers, voted to limit death penalty appeals, voted to prohibit same sex marriage, voted to limit class-action lawsuits, voted to ban lawsuits against gun manufactuers.

Those things make sound like not such a good Democrat.

So I guess the Democrats need to decide what their priorities are before they start kicking people out. Are they willing to sacrifice a vote for Affirmative Action in favor of making sure that Hollywood doesn't get their feelings hurt?

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