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Subject:  Re: Lieberman: Republican or Democrat? Date:  3/1/2006  12:30 PM
Author:  Hawkwin Number:  904338 of 2321104

<Because he writes op-eds criticizing Dems that appear on the WSJ editorial page. >

If public criticism of elected dems is grounds to get you kicked out of the dem party, then there would be very few dems left as I have seen dems criticize their own in nearly every state.

We have reps criticizing Bush and the the admin in print yet you folks applaud them? You certainly do not call for them to be kicked out of the rep party. In fact, you put promote them as good examples of the party. The same is not said when it happens on the other side.

Be honest, what this is really about is the fact that dems abhor his lack of group think. Mavericks are only permissible in the rep party where they have people like McCain, Arnold, Spector, etc.

Is the dem party so touchy that they can't handle someone that disagrees within their own elected officials?

Getting rather bored with seeing dems eating their own. Someone please come and rescue this party from itself.
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