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Subject:  Re: Republicans for Lieberman Date:  3/1/2006  12:33 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  904339 of 2372572

Will we?
Or will we simply have two parties not all that much different from each other? And what's the point in that?


Ya still got me chucklin' pretty good.

If you can not tell there are fairly large policy differences between Lieberman and a protoype Republican, perhaps you should ask someone else's opinion about your intellectual superiority.

Though I agree with others out here, he is welcome in the Republican Party to argue what he thinks correct. It is better to be in a party that disagrees with you but might hear what you say, then be in one that sticks their fingers in their ears and starts singing Streisand tunes and muttering they can not hear you.

Though I did lose a degree of respect for Lieberman when he went 100% along with Gore as VP despite disagreements, I do understand that was the role he accepted as VP and his cnadidate deserved 100% backing even where Lieberman disagreed. Loyalty to the party, what a show of love he gets for that<LOL>.
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