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Subject:  Re: Gerrymandering Date:  3/1/2006  12:42 PM
Author:  mcemerson Number:  904350 of 2368360

Just make them stick to natural borders (county lines, rivers...) and straight lines

That could be hard to do also as the districts are supposed to be approx. equal in population and who knows if natural boundries exist that can approximate the districts by the correct numbers.

Hence the straight lines when the natural borders don't cut it. Easy enough to achieve especially with the technology we have today. It really wouldn't take all that much to plug the population numbers on map with the county lines and other natural borders (streets in heavily populated cities) and have a program just bust the map into a certain number of districts that all have the same population drawing a straight line from one natural boundry to another (or in some cases another straight line) only when necessary.

You are right tho about the at large plan. Since everyone would have to vote on every Rep for the state the large urban centers would carry more weight in the elections and leave the lower populated areas hi and dry.

Peter tends go for the esoteric before the simple. :~)

It's very easy to solve tho but the politicians won't do it, looking for whatever edge they can get, and the courts seem to take a hands off approach except in the most egregious circumstances and usually then only in cases where disenfranchiement is based on race rather than party affiliation. All they have to do is keep the districts drawn in reasonable geometric shapes, squares, rectangles, maybe a trapezoid or two instead of things like a circle which winds up being surrounded by 2 S curves which then adjoin a parabola, etc, etc, etc.

That's basically what I'm suggesting.
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