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Subject:  Re: How do you guys get up in the morning? Date:  3/1/2006  2:33 PM
Author:  eatnbybears Number:  904434 of 2381073

By the same token, I don't know how Bushies go on with their pseudo-conservative bloviating every day -- still blindly supporting Junior even though he's anything but a real conservative, he's made the world a more dangerous place than ever before, and he makes a mockery of every constitutional liberty this nation was built on. Yet if you oppose him, you somehow hate America.

Made the world a more dangerous place than ever before?

Were you sleeping when Terrorist blew up the Marine Barracks in Lebanon, The Cole, Hijacked planes all over the world?

Have you been asleep as the Muslim extremists grew and spread?

At least someone, sadly after a strike (second) on US soil, said enough, and all the right places or not, started chasing the extremists around the globe.

You can sit back with your Liberal friend and cherry pick lines from world leaders and Government officials, but the fact is, this is a threat ... and a real one, that has grown since the 1960's and before.

Play your games ... Try and be "part of your crowd" ... Sob how you do not have the power to change things and it's someone else's fault ...

Show me some Liberal solutions to the growing Muslin Extremists

Show me some liberal solutions to the Deficit and to Social Security ... Show me you know where that deficit comes from and how to fix it.

Show me how a Liberal will fix New Orleans, show me you understand why there is no progress, not some slanderous made up answer.

Show me that Liberals have an answer ... more than the usual "We may as well all go home ... George screwed it up" and then I will believe you have credibility.

My God .. someone posted and article that someone spent six months of their life on about Impeaching the President .... What a waste of 6 months of thought ... unless you are Manic.

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