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Subject:  Re: Republicans for Lieberman Date:  3/2/2006  6:52 AM
Author:  dovbaer6 Number:  904710 of 2356869

On almost every issue but national security Lieberman is an old style democrat.

Lieberman is NOT an "old style Democrat," unless you mean the Dixiecrats.

Why didn't Lieberman come out against private accounts for Social Security? Why was he wishy-washy in his replies to my emails about this, always leaving open some chance he would strike a deal with BushCo? This is the same stance he took in his public discussions of Social Security last year, as discussed many times by Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo.

Why didn't Lieberman put up a fight against cloture on Alito when he knew having Alito on the court would endanger a woman's right to choose and many other issues involving the rights of the individual? No matter what Specter or Lieberman would have us believe, Alito is NOT David Souter. We can be 99% sure he will vote as we fear.

While you were in diapers, Lieberman the dixiecrat was in the south with the freedom riders. do you have any idea of what that was and the risks those people took?

and he was wishy washy in his replies to you? is this the first time you have written to a politician? have you ever gotten a response from a politician that wasnt wishy washy on some level? Please.

do you have a scoring system? I mean there are hundreds of issues. you picked out a bunch, but there are hundreds of them. how do you add it all up and decide?

I just want to take the Senate from the republicans. Lieberman is a powerful democrat from a safe seat, and despite your cherry picking the issues you put in your post, he is as much as a democrat as McCain is a republican. if some folks want to promote alternative candidates during the connecticut primaries, fine.

but remember, Karl Rove is laughing at you for helping dividing the democrats divide their efforts. I would rather focus our efforts on defeating republicans than 'purifying' democrats. we are hardly pure.

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