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Subject:  Re: Rush Limbaugh Date:  3/7/2006  5:00 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  907294 of 2381071

They probably will. It's hard to keep a radio show going that actually requires people to think. Just saying mega-dittoes is a hell of a lot easier.

Interesting... apparently Conservative thought is as deep as a coloring book? Funny, I could swear I saw actual words printed the last time I picked up the National Review or the Limbaugh Letter... maybe there was some sort of hypnosis going on when I read George Will or Thomas Sowell or Sean Hannity or Walter Williams, those were blank pages I conjured words onto.

Then again, maybe I'm just a redneck hick that can't read nor write those dern letters! I jus stole my University of Michigan degree from the fancy dressed swills at the Quick and Save.

I do listen to Rush, not every single day but as often as possible. Not because I'm some unthinking boob, but rather because much of the "news" coming from the "mainstream media" is at best inane, at worst downright treasonous. I know full well Rush has an ideology he is pushing, at least he's up front about it. Rather also had an ideology he was pushing, yet he would deny it day after day. The vast majority of the mainstream media is pushing this ideology, yet denying it. While it's true I'd still disagree with them vehemently, at least I'd have some respect for them if they weren't such hypocrites.

Yes Virginia there really is Conservative thought, and thus Conservative thinkers. Perhaps having to admit that would mean having to acknowledge that the "little people" in flyover country have valid opinions too. It may be a "scary thought", but one the left is going to have to come to grips with if they ever want to win a major election again.


P.S. I'm proud to call myself a Dittohead, I know where the phrase came from and what it actually means, unlike many on this board I bet.
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