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Subject:  Erections: function follows Excitement Date:  3/23/2006  12:44 PM
Author:  uncleguido Number:  56800 of 65648

An earlier post mentioned that a women's hubby had his pecker measured for erection functionality. And here's the test and devices.

A man with a good brain function should have a natural erection with manual stimulation. Almost all the young men can erect with visual or auditory stimulations.
Mind stimulation causes the morning erection and wet dream for those who have a good brain-testiscular function. Even, my middle aged body still naturally responds to the porn movies or beautiful bikini ladies on the beach or pool side.
The natural erection is a meter of the male brain-testicular function. A man without a natural erection can not bring his penis to the full power state that drives his lady to orgasm in few minutes. The love action is to power the penis to an extreme from a natural erection (pointing 2-3 o'clock position). Women's orgasm requires a lot of high pressure stimulation from the power-up penis on the G-spot or Epicenter.
When a penis requires a stimulation to erect by hand jobs or oral sex, the penis will go limp again because the man does not have enough bioelectricity in the parasympathetic sexual nerves or can not produce a burst of testosterone and 5-alpha reductase to continuously charge the nerve system and to balloon the penis.
Erection, increase in circumference as well as rigidity, can be measured with a simple device consisting of a calibrated felt band with a sliding collar fastened to 1 end.
Thus it was concluded that the erection meter, in conjunction with an erotic video test and nocturnal penile tumescence measurements, is a useful and simple device in the differential diagnosis of erectile difficulties in men.

Uncleguido's conclusion: If you arn't getting 'any' and you ain't having wet dreams; take pistol and blow out yer brains LOL

UncleGuido, unsage advice

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