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Subject:  Re: Local DSL vs Comcast Cable Date:  4/13/2006  9:36 PM
Author:  4aapl Number:  32603 of 71503

I agree with most everything that TwoCybers said, with the most important part being that the speed difference probably doesn't matter much to you.

I used Cable for 2.5 years, and DSL for the past 5 years. In my area (CA, SF Bay Area) DSL is much much cheaper if you already have a phone line ($12+ vs $40+), and probably cheaper even if you get the basic phone line just for DSL. Since you don't have a cell phone and have been using dialup, I'm guessing that you are keeping your phone line.

Cable also tends to add $10-$15 onto the price if you don't have Cable TV. I currently have a faster than basic DSL line for about $26/month, whereas I'd have to pay about $60/month for Cable internet since I don't have cable TV.

As for speed, my service tops out at 1.5Mbps, whereas in some locations Cable is up to 6Mbps. If I was working remotely and downloading a DVD image from work (ie a fast source) several times per week that speed difference would be well worth it. Since I'm not, there are very few times where I ever max out the download speed.

My upload speed currently tops out at about 56KB/sec. Back 5 years ago when I had cable they capped it at 12KB/sec, but I would expect that that would have been updated by now. This number is important if you upload semi-big files very often, such as making modifications to those powerpoint presentations you get and sending them back. But unless you are doing this on a regular basis, it matters but it won't matter that much.

As for the DSL filters, each time we're received a new modem (ie when moving or changing providers) it has included 5 filters. If you have more than 5 devices and need more filters, I'd be happy to send you a couple for the cost of shipping. That goes for anyone out there, as my wife would be very happy to see more stuff disappearing from the garage :)

Overall, I'd look at whichever service gives you the best deal, when looking at a 1 year period.

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