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Subject:  Re: Local DSL vs Comcast Cable Date:  4/14/2006  3:40 PM
Author:  Lokicious Number:  32624 of 71019

"You're getting confused -- "wireless" (or WiFi or Airport) "

Not confused, but may have been unclear. What I din't know was whether there are any security issues with Airport (basically about 20 feet from my desk to the phone jack in the bedroom) like with Wifi. This is really just a desire to get rid of wires.

I did a little more research about the company offering direct connection to the university system: they're advertising 20 MBs, not the 1.5-3 MBs via SBC, which must be why it costs more than cable. It looks like they attach a phone wire directly to the house, though I don't know what happens between here and the campus system, if they aren't piggy-backing SBC.

I'm not considering a new Mac just for this. Lots of stuf fmounting up. I'm not hesitating about the cost, but I prefer not getting in two early on a new model. Part of the problem with my G4, which I got a great deal on from the former MacWherehouse, is the deal turned out to be for the earliest model, which has been fine, but the 800 Mhz version with a superdrive would have been a lot easier to keep going with—at some point spending to keep going, when I'd probably upgrade in a year, anyway, just isn't worth it.
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