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Subject:  Re: Gas Prices, Budgetary Issues, etc. Date:  4/27/2006  2:03 PM
Author:  synchronicity Number:  3029 of 40295

If you haven't already, try to get a Citibank Dividend credit card:

It's probably the Official Credit Card of The Synchole. Use it at the grocery store, any pharmacy (regardless of whether you're buying drugs or a pouch of beef jerky), and gas stations. You get 5% cash back on all purchases from grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. The cash back accumulates and once it gets over $50 you simply call them or click on the internet and they'll send you a check for the amount.

Of course, you'll have to pay the card off in full every month and make sure you don't charge more than you can afford, yadda yadda yadda, but it's pretty darn clear that you are more than mature and disciplined enough to do that.

Anyway, without changing any of your spending habits at all, you can shave a full 5% off your grocery and gas bills. Plus, if any cehcking/saving accounts of yours are interest bearing you get the float as well (charge it now, bill doesn't come due for another month or so). None of which will make you wealthy, but it's a quick way to get a little more blood out of your turnip.


PS- that last sentence sounds like it's dirty, but it's not.
PPS- The American Express True Earnings card gives you 3% cashback on all "restaurant" purchases, which includes Ginormous Cokes from Arby's and the like. It also gives 2% cash back on all "travel" purchases, nudgenudgewinkwinksaynomore.
PPPS- my apologies if you've already done this; I know you hang around my board a bit and have probably heard all of this before, but don't recall if you've got the cards or not.
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