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Subject:  Re: Random IT related question Date:  5/2/2006  12:48 PM
Author:  GardenStateFool Number:  3234 of 40295

I asked one of them one time about whether my interweb use was excessive and he just laughed. He said it was more than the acceptable amount, but extremely lower than average.

Do you use your interweb device to access the Moldy Fool? ;-)

My personal favorite was the third level manager who basically spent the entire day trading and monitoring stock in Scottrade. Like ALL day. EVERY day.

When I was in IM, and before we went through other types of ISPs, we literally had an internal modem bank for employees, that they had to dial in to in order to access our internal network. Of course, they could access IE from there, so a lot of them used it as their personal, free ISP.

The modems would occasionally get "hung" while rebooting so it was our job to monitor the modem banks and re-reboot hung connections, so we had a monitor with a switchbox that let us look at all 20 periodically to check for hung connections. We were totally restructuring the network one year so we had a LOT of late hours.

At about 10PM one night we watched some guy dial in (it happened to hit the modem that was up on screen at the time) and IMMEDIATELY start surfing porn. We laughed, rebooted the modem, and kicked him off. Back he comes. Five or six times.

Since you were actually being hosted on the physical machine we were monitoring, I opened up notepad on that machine (so he could see it) and typed: "So, exactly WHAT are you doing?"

He closed Notepad, and instead of getting off the connection, got back to surfing porn. I opened Notepad again and typed that this was a misuse of company resources and would need to stop or the activity would be reported. He closed Notepad AGAIN (who did he think was doing that, anyway?) and got back to surfing porn.

I booted him one last time, back he came. I checked his ID, disabled his account, and made a note to have the HelpDesk have the guy's manager call someone before they re-enabled it. We saw him trying to dial in a couple of more times before he gave up.

He had a difficult time explaining what had happened or why he had to have his manager call before he could log in again the next day... don't know what ended up happening, but jeez... what a blockhead!!!!

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