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Subject:  Re: Today's Topic Date:  5/11/2006  2:49 PM
Author:  Bonhoeffer Number:  3582 of 40295

Main Entry: 2coin
Function: transitive verb
1 a : to make (a coin) especially by stamping : MINT b : to convert (metal) into coins
2 : CREATE, INVENT <coin a phrase>

I can honestly say i'd never heard it before. I "created" it, or "invented" it on the spot. So technically, i coined it. It's certainly possible (even probable) that someone somewhere had previously thought of the word and used it, but since i was unaware of any such usage and had never heard the word before, i coined it.

Tera, you're pedantilicious.

See what i did there? I just coined a word. Maybe someone i've never heard of and know nothing about thought of that one before me, too? I haven't Googled it yet.
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