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Subject:  Re: Today's Topic Date:  5/11/2006  3:01 PM
Author:  krissylou Number:  3588 of 40295

Now look, I remember being forced to go to a pre-marriage retreat where some proponent of natural family planning explained that using birth control pills caused "mini-abortions" after eggs were implanted and I rolled my eyes an giggled with the best of them. I think the science was pretty solid that the pill impedes ovulation & implantation in the very unlikely even ovulation occurs. Suffice it to say that I'm not one of those.

That bolded part would be what the NFP person considers a mini-abortion.

And some pharmacists would agree.

I definitely think that birth control should be legal and readily available.

I also think that compromising what you hold most dear should not be required for pharmacists to practice their skills. (Heck, I'm an attorney and while I definitely believe in due process and representation for all, there are potential clients I would not want to touch with a ten-foot pole.)

I have a hard time figuring out how to reconcile the two. I was intrigued with what pharmerboy was saying about automated dispensers.


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