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Subject:  Re: I could use a little help, here Date:  6/16/2006  7:20 PM
Author:  Booa Number:  208 of 20070

I'm going to march in my commencement on Sunday, and my son, who is diagnosed mild autistic, took my mom on a tour of his school. He made eye contact, made conversation, told everyone proudly "This is my grandma!" and then would turn to my mom and say, "This is <whoever they were>!" This from a kid who used to have no language at all, and would point to the fridge when he was thirsty and the pantry when he was hungry, at four years old, is now at eight functioning very well indeed. I was smiling through happy tears. :-) And my mom, who was the first to notice her grandson wasn't perfect, was beaming as well.

There is hope. :-) I have seen it. He is a beautiful, wonderful, sweet boy, and I wouldn't trade him for any other kid, anywhere, even a "typical" or "normal" kid. (I take issue with folks who say my son isn't normal--the fringe of the bell curve is normal, because a bell curve is normal--if everyone were in the middle 50%, that *would* be weird...but I digress). He is learning stuff that I only dreamed he would. I think he's going to be happy, and he's a good person, someone I can be proud of and he can be proud of himself. Which is all that anyone can ask for their kids, and if it takes him a little longer to learn stuff, or that he has to have social stuff taught to him rather than just picking it up as other kids do, well, he can learn it, so really, the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. :-)

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