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Subject:  Re: I could use a little help, here Date:  6/16/2006  7:47 PM
Author:  xraymd Number:  210 of 20070

Greetings, Booa, you have every reason to be proud, not only of yourself but also of your wonderful, original son! One of my closest friends from elementary school has a daughter, now 11, who is autistic. Her daughter has the most astonishing and riveting abilities in her areas of interest that I have personally ever encountered. She developed a love for dinosaurs and was not only able, at age 6, to completely write out their lengthy Latin names as part of stories she made up but also to draw them in minute, exquisite detail. Such a gift for focus I have never since seen and I remain always in awe of her.

My friend has become deeply involved in furthering her daughter's education and those of other autistic kids, and it is very fulfilling for her. I know she used to fret over whether her daughter would have any semblance of a normal-ish life and the answer is now - but, of course! My friend got me started on reading books by Temple Grandin (who is a gifted animal husbandry expert and who is herself high-functioning autistic) and I see so much of my friend's daughter in her, whose talents are no longer latent but are beginning to blossom. I think she will be a creative force of some deep magnitude and it's like getting to preview a superhuman success story. I always get the same feeling whenever you post about your son.

Please tell more stories about him. I love to read about things he says and perceptions he has. They are so fresh. I think of you as having a household teeming with creativity (CONGRATULATIONS on your dissertation, by the way!!!!) and keep thinking that it must be wonderful (when it is at its best) for the whole family to live in an environment at an orthogonal (or an acute, anyway) angle to the way the rest of the (duller) world may live. My heart sang to read what you wrote and I am eager to hear more.

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