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Subject:  Re: I could use a little help, here Date:  6/23/2006  2:16 PM
Author:  Booa Number:  257 of 20070

Oh, xraymd, what a series of sweet things to say. :-)

It amazes me, the progress the pup has made. Let's see, they were learning about government, about the three branches of our government and how we live in a democracy and it's good we don't have a king, because we have freedom, and then my boy says, "Well, we're not free. I have to come to school, and I have to follow directions once I'm here. This is more like that slavery thing you taught us about, with the blacks and the whites." So then the other kids, who'd been nodding and listening, suddenly started saying, "Hey, yeah, he's right. We're slaves!" His teacher thought she might need a police cordon to protect her from the suddenly rebellious first and second graders. Hee! She got them calmed down, but I love that he thinks about things, and questions them. His teacher told me she wasn't expecting to have to deal with that question with first and second graders. :-) Guess we're going to have a summer full of John Stuart Mill and the like.

He really thinks outside the box. And he is so, so funny. We had family visiting for graduation, and it was great to see how he'd get them laughing. One person asked me, "My gosh, how did he get so funny? And he's so quick!" Some of it is, he repeats funny things he's heard his older friends say, or from television, but he does it appropriately, which is *awesome*. Like the beer commercial in the sushi bar where the guy has something stuck to his face like in Alien, and the waitress says, "It lay eggs now, enjoy!" in this really cheerful, perky way? When my mom took a bite of something and made a face and said, "What *is* this?" he said that line, and we all laughed.

Anyway, I have a million pup stories. :-) I'll try to spread them out. He is a big entertaining sweetie. And yes, orthogonal to the normal point of view is pretty accurate--his dad and I aren't any too normal, so the kid is sort of doomed. A friend of mine fondly remembers how my DH answered my son's question of "What are people made out of?" "Carbon compounds and water." Or how he gets random lectures on plumbing and time travel and what not. :-) If he asks a question, he gets the most accurate, honest answer we can give him.

He's a really good kid. I enjoy him a lot. :-)


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