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Subject:  Re: I could use a little help, here Date:  6/23/2006  10:10 PM
Author:  Booa Number:  271 of 20070

I have a nephew who, at the age of three, was with his mother and they were driving through a development, and he looked at all the half-circle windows and said, "hey, look at all the parabolas." And someone (at school) said, "how are wine and beer alike?" and he said, "they both contain ethyl alcohol." He was five.

Yeah, exactly. I mean, the other day my DH treated us to the explanation of how the pup can trust the water from the water fountain outside the bathroom, because the toilet water does not get mixed up with the drinking water, because they're in different pipes, and water pipes are much smaller diameter. :-) Someday someone will wonder something about pipes, and he'll be able to say, "No, that's the wrong diameter pipe," and people will probably think he's, um, interesting. :-)

It's scary when they're that fast, isn't it? And with a problem like Autism, it's marvelous that he has such a strong social sense in knowing what is appropriate to say. I know a lot of adults who can't manage that.

Well, he didn't used to know what to say, but he goes to a social cognition group every week, which helps immensely. My DH wants them to have a group for adults, so he can go. (DH does "simulated sensitivity," which is randomly saying, with great concern, "Is everything okay?" to me, because sometimes, I *am* upset and then he looks like a hero. But it's hard for him to tell, otherwise.) My pup is very smart, so he can learn about social skills, he just doesn't pick them up on his own like most folks.

He is scary smart. He can't whistle, but he's seen people in cartoons whistle and put their hands behind their backs when they're trying to look innocent, so he'll do that and sing way up high in an attempt at whistling. So, so funny, and he does it appropriately, which is even more exciting. :-)

It is funny to get a three page handout on "Nose picking," and the proper way to go about it. :-) And they go on field trips to learn "how to buy a toy at a store," and "how to eat in a restaurant." But it works, which I am thrilled about, and he's a really good kid, which I'm even more thrilled about. He'll sometimes use the "I'm tattling," tone to tease me, like saying, "Mom, Dad is doing nothing to me," in that singsong voice, and when I say, "Well, what's the problem with that, then?" he'll say, "Oh, I'm not telling on him, I just wanted you to know. I'm giving him a compliment, it's good that he's doing nothing, right?"

Goofy, sweet kid. :-) Your nephew sounds very smart and sweet, too. Parabolas and ethyl alcohol! :-) Hee.

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