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Subject:  Re: Deterring cats Date:  6/29/2006  5:34 PM
Author:  them Number:  2708 of 4108

Gather several types of HOT peppers. Put them and water in a blender and mix thoroughly. Stain and add more water plus veggie oil. Put in spray bottle and spray area around box, ground , post etc. anywhere the cat may walk or climb.
Hmm.. I don't know if this will be feasible - most of what I'd have to spray would be parts of our porch and steps, etc. Might stain the wood, I would think. (plus, I might eat all the hot peppers before they get sprayed - yum!) :-)

or a paint ball gun,,,yellow is good for cats.
That actually might be more feasible - but would a paintball have enough of a kick to hurt a small animal like a cat? Startle, mark, and make it smart are all ok - injury is something I might think hard about on a bad day, but I wouldn't actually go there.

We had bad neighbors a while back who refused to even bell their cat (who roamed/hunted freely as they rarely let it inside or fed the poor thing). After it did in a nest of fledges in our yard that we'd been watching from birth, they just shrugged and said "that's what cats do".

Well, sure, if you LET them. Domesticated felines aren't really supposed to be songbird predators, even if it comes naturally to them.. I'm sure the neighbors might have felt differently if we allowed our dogs to eat their cat (well, isn't that what dogs do?). Sheesh.

Thanks for the ideas. I'm now picturing some chicken wire type of material, wrapped around the newspaper box, extending beyond the front opening. Narrower at the front - easy for a wren, but too small for a cat - and long enough to keep those cats paws out. Sort of a little tunnel.. think the wren could handle it? I don't want to freak out the birds - just the cat!
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