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Subject:  Re: New to the fool and my first purchase Date:  7/8/2006  8:27 AM
Author:  rkbabang Number:  1371 of 7325

Gary Wrote:
"I started getting my interest up when I first purchased my PDA a little over a month ago and realized how well the Pocket Skype worked on a less expensive 400Mhz Texas Instrument processor (remember them from the 80s? I wonder if they might be coming back?)."


Texas Instruments (TXN) hasn't gone away. The TXN processor in your PDA is a DSP (digital signal processor) not a general purpose CPU like those made by Intel or AMD. The difference is that a DSP is good at processing digital communications signals (like voice, video, music, etc) your PDA probably also has some kind of microcontroller in it to run it's operating system, because a TXN DSP isn't good at that kind of thing. Also 400 MHz is a very fast DSP (almost state of the art). Because of the computationally intensive functionality of a DSP they run at much lower clock speeds than the state of the art general purpose computers, but for signal processing they will kick a Pentium's butt any day.

Anyway, TXN has the number one market share of the DSP market, and the company I work for, Analog Devices (ADI), has the number two market share. I've actually designed a high-end audio interface for one of our Sharc DSP processors, although I work on digital image processors for digital cameras now.

I own some TXN stock and it hasn't been doing well for the past 6 years. It never really recovered from the tech crash of 2000. Neither has ADI for that matter.

I like eBay, by-the-way, and I own a little bit of EBAY stock as well. I think it is a good buy now with the recent drop in price. I don't think that Google is much of a threat to Paypal and I don't think that executive leaving the company is as much of a big deal as Wall Street is treating it. I'm thinking about adding to my position, since the current price is less than I paid.

Stick around the Fool boards you can really learn a lot, I sure have.

Good luck.


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