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Subject:  OT:My gay son and I thank you Date:  7/26/2006  6:12 PM
Author:  Dialoguebox Number:  724454 of 910690

I have been following the Reproductive Rights thread with great interest and I just want to thank each and every poster who posted so eloquently and articulately in support of gay marriage/adoption rights. My 17 year old son, who would've "preferred" to be heterosexual, but was born homosexual, and who chooses not to deny who and what he really is as a person, also sends you his gratitude.

As long as there are those of you who are willing to stand up and say that it is wrong to discriminate against others because of their sexuality, then there is hope. And then I don't have to be so afraid to send this beautiful, kind, sensitive boy out into a world where people will limit his choices because he does not follow their narrow views of life. And if he's lucky, limiting his choices will be all that they do to him - his body and spirit.

On top of the fact that I am the proud mom of a wonderful gay son, I have also been an elementary teacher to about 350 kids over the years. I can say as a professional that it matters not whether my students' parents were fat, thin, black, white, divorced, Catholic, Muslim, Hispanic, lesbian, biological, adoptive, young, old, poor, or rich. What mattered to my kids was that there was someone in the world who loved them dearly and would be there for them at the end of the day. Kids want love, care, and consistency - and they should get it - from healthy, willing adults who want them for healthy, loving purposes.

As far as all the "statistics" about the dysfunction in the gay community - well, I say that if we allowed gays and lesbians to grow up in something other than fear and secrecy, and we did not marginalize their lives, then maybe they wouldn't take all that pain and anger and turn it in on their own community. If we started making hetero kids feel shame and fear about their sexuality, then we would start seeing even more dysfunction in the hetero community as a whole when they all grew up.

Keep talking everyone. Keep this subject out in the open- because one day I want to dance at my son's marriage to his husband (he says I can wear a tiara), and I want to hold his tiny adopted baby in my arms. Thank you guys.

Here's to a better world,
Vicki in San Diego
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