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Subject:  Visa Championships (US Nationals) Date:  8/21/2006  5:41 PM
Author:  QASteph Number:  1260 of 1763

Did anyone watch?

* There were 19 girls competing. Would it have killed NBC to show us more than 4 of them? I mean, Randi Stageberg tied for first on floor and from the coverage you couldn't even tell she attended the meet.
* Enough with the parents coaching thing. It was interesting enough for a 30 second mention. Then shut up about it already.
* 5 tumbling passes is too many. I do not like this new direction.
* That being said, wow - they are doing amazing tumbling now.
* The choreography was blah for pretty much everyone they showed except for Nastia.
* 3 months off and then training bars for only 1 week? Sheesh. I hope she heals and then stays uninjured, because Chellsie deserves a chance at an Olympics.
* I like Natasha Kelley, but the girl needs some dance training or something. Her inexperience shows in her hands. With just a little bit of polish she will be exceptional.
* What happened to Shayla Worley? I liked watching her in the Pacific Alliance. She didn't compete at either the junior or senior levels. I assume that means she is injured.
* Al not only does not know anything about the sport, but his math skills are failing him too. Here is a hint. 0.5 > 0.3. Thus Nastia still would have won even had she taken a .8 deduction for a fall instead of the .5 she took. It is great that she pulled off that save, but it did not affect the final rankings. No. It didn't.
* Andrea Joyce, leave the poor girl alone. Saying congrats at the end does not negate the 4 "why did you mess up so much" questions beforehand.
* Valeri - what the heck? Yeah, it wasn't a great meet. But still. That is your daughter. Pointedly ignoring her because she had a bad day? Not good. Deigning to speak to her again because the rankings came out in her favor anyway? Nice way to reinforce that winning *is* everything. I like you in every interview you have given. Do not disappoint me now.

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