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Subject:  Re: The End is Near Date:  9/28/2006  11:37 AM
Author:  Sunrunner4 Number:  51477 of 106476

Some dude named Bart Scott
Ravens LB, and he demonstrated last year that he can play.

He's also your AFC defensive player of the month. blah blah blah Bart Scott

Lord save me from Ravens fans.

Once on the VH1 show "best week ever", they were describing the recent (at the time) NBA finals. The commentary was: "some dudes from Detroit just won the NBA finals!" Now, I'm sure the 2005 starting lineup of the Pistons was reasonably well-known with the ghetto of Detroit. But for the other folks in America, we all just asked, "is Joe Dumars still around?"

Bart Scott may be household name and Wheatie-box worthy in the Baltimore area, but I'm willing to bet the vast majority of other people have no idea who this Joe Nobody is (shocking, I know) - even NFL nerds that populate this board. He may be the next big thing, but right now, he's still "some dude". Bernard Berrian, hot new WR for the Bears that is really not new, is still just "some dude".

Now, the better conversation is: at what point are you no longer "some dude" and actually somebody? I will even provide a faux starting definition, sorta. For any of us more-than-casual-but-not-obsessive-fans, you can probably name ~8 players on any random team, and if you look over the depth chart, are familiar with 20ish of the players. When you're in the 20, you're somebody. Until then, you're "some dude".

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