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Subject:  Re: XP: accounting software Date:  10/3/2006  1:55 PM
Author:  starvingactor Number:  55 of 60

We're trying to decide how to establish our databases of product/contacts and are considering Filemaker Pro (we both have experience in it). As far as accounting/finance software, do most folks use Excel or Quickbooks or somenthing else? Is there any software out there that could link to the info in Filemaker Pro?

First off, are you a Mac-house or a PC-house?

If you're on a Mac, I'd highly recommend MYOB AccountEdge over Quickbooks, any day of the week. It's much more full-featured. (Intuit seems to have crippled Quickbooks for the Mac - big surprise there. They always seem to do that).

I own a t-shirt design business, and we sell our products via the internet...which means I need to a) be able to integrate with my shopping cart software and b) I need to be able to track components of items and combine them into 'manufactured inventory items' in order to better evaluate the cost of goods sold.

Quickbooks for Mac offers no support for 'inventory build items,' and the rest of their inventory functionality is quite limited, by comparison.

Heck, even if you're not on the Mac, MYOB makes a version for the PC crowd as well, and though I can't vouch for it in particular, I'm pretty certain it'll be very similar.

One last thing - the main reason I'm so gung-ho on recommending MYOB is that their support so far has been phenomenal. They seem really pro-active, while not being overly intrusive. Which means that, in all my minor dealings with them, I feel very secure that if I have a problem, they'll be quick to help.

Features are wonderful. But knowing that the supplier is concerned about your experience as a user & customer? That's what keeps me a customer.

Much luck!


Oh, yeah, PS - grab the free evaluation copy from the MYOB website and play around with it. It might do everything you need it to do, INCLUDING tracking products, contacts, etc. (So you don't have to mess with Filemaker Pro.)

If FM Pro is more comfortable for you, though, I know MYOB will import data from a flat/delimited text file, which FM Pro can output, so you should be good to go on that one.
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