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Subject:  Re: BMW Z3 vs Mercedes SLK Date:  11/3/2006  5:25 PM
Author:  jeffbrig Number:  7832 of 11896

If you're looking for a true roadster, non-nannified, seat of your pants roar of the engine experience, the S2000 is hard to beat.
I can't disagree, and I drive one everyday. I tried hard to be neutral in my previous post. ;)

Only complaints I'm aware of on the S2000 is no passenger airbag cut off switch (no children riding shotgun)
This was added in '06, but the early models lack the cutoff switch.

and there are reports of quality issues with the soft top roof material.
Some have had issues with wear spots at some of the folding points. I haven't, but I once had a misfold that resulted in a small tear. A new top is $900 in parts, plus labor. Fortunately, mine was covered under warranty.

I'll also mention that '00 or '01 models have a plastic rear window (as does the Z3, if memory serves). IMO, this is a serious detractor, as the plastic windows cloud severely as they age.

The S2000 would not be for me, I prefer a lot of torque in my engine, not one with a fatter taller horsepower curve - but I hear the S2000 is an absolute BLAST.
The missing torque is less of an issue than you might think. While the engine only produces about 150lb-ft, the light weight (mine is down to 2750lb) and ridiculously short gearing makes it for that in a hurry. At low rpm it's a little weak, but above 3k it's more than adequate. Most people I have taken for a ride think there must be a V6 in there.
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