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Subject:  Re: Here's your chance: Balance the Fed budget Date:  1/2/2007  8:15 PM
Author:  mishedlo Number:  200191 of 603176

I admit that Dave has a point about private enterprise being more effective than government spending. It has to be, it gets measured every day in the stock market, but there are many things that private enterprise simply cannot do. (This last statement could be discussed pro and con forever, my argument would have to do with time horizons and accountability.)

Well I do not know if the captain responded yet or not but there are actually quite FEW things private enterprise can't (or won't) do and one of them is blowing up Iraq for no reason. Let's consider more things private enterprise would not have done.

Korean War
Vietnam War
Merging 3 countries into one Iraq
Installed a puppet government in Iraq.
Funded Hussein with WOMDs to fight Iran
Backed Osama Bin Laden in a fight with Russia

The only war worth fighting that I can see was WWII and I do not know if private enterprise would have supported it or not but it never would have happened in the first place had it not been for inane actions following WWI.

As for your shining examples like railroads or roads you assume that private enterprise would not have created them. Perhaps they would have perhaps not. I actually suspect the latter. But another problem I have is that you are only looking at the seen benefits without looking at the unforseen consequences: urban sprawl, confiscation of land, mass killing of Indians to build the railroads, etc etc.

Face the facts.
Government is the problem not the solution.
Free enterprise is the solution.


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