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Subject:  Re: Here's your chance: Balance the Fed budget Date:  1/8/2007  3:38 PM
Author:  jcradd Number:  200585 of 603841

"Unfortunately, this is wrong. Advertising CAN increase sales VOLUME, which then may increase the net revenues to a provider EVEN AFTER the additional costs of the advertising."

No, I was not arguing that one individual or company can't gain by using manipulation of perception rather than creating real value. I am arguing that our economy as a whole does not benefit. The world is full of people who have become wealthy by less-than-admirable practices, I'm not arguing otherwise.

"The ONLY way you can take this position is to make the profession of teaching "unethical.""

At times in the past I worked as a teacher. I tried to teach by communicating fact and logic, and actually had some success with it. (I didn't make much money at it though.) I'm not sure I agree with your point.

"Likewise, 100% of ALL politics would be "unethical" (and even *I* am not THAT cynical ;~)"

I'm not sure I'd say 100%, it's probably more like 98-99%. I wasn't that cynical when I was younger and less experienced with the world.

A lot of your opinion on what is ethical or unethical, or honest or dishonest, depends on your standards. Most people don't have standards as high as mine, it is safe to say.

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