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Subject:  Things Date:  1/15/2007  3:41 PM
Author:  impolite Number:  13682 of 40273

Otherwise known as randomness.

- Apparently, you people are boring, and they miss having me around. They lifted my suspension Saturday, but I actually had STUFF TO DO, so I just logged in now.

- That was a good Twix bar I just had.

- I have a little training dilemma – every single class I wanted to take is available, and soon. Unfortunately, I would be out of the office until approximately the end of March. <sigh> So I have to decide which ones are most popular and bank on those being available later, and take the more obscure ones available right away NOW.

- If my calculations are right, I will actually have a refund on next month's cable bill. Like, I won't owe anything, and I still have a $2 credit, that sort of thing. I hope I am right.

- According to my sources, memory and a little bit of hope, we should be getting our W2s tomorrow, instead of at the end of the month. This would be fabulous, as it would give me a chance to get them done before Little Sis shows up with hers and BILs W2s, breathing down my neck to get hers done. Also, I'll be getting a refund, so it would be nice to get it sooner rather than later AND I want to adjust my withholdings again, if it's warranted.

- I am, quite possibly, the only geek I know that doesn't like gadgets. This upsets the other geeks. They prattle on about their cell phones and new computers, and I'm just as happy as I can be with my old stuff. I think they are starting to believe I am a spy or planted agent or something. I made one snarky comment about how Vista was just for pretty, and I nearly got ran out of town.

- I need a new cell. Mine won't hold a signal. Like, ever.

- I could go for a nap.


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