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Subject:  Re: Greetings, Fool! Date:  2/4/2007  6:52 PM
Author:  FtLaudInvestor Number:  2 of 98

Hi to all,

I have been an admirer of the Fool mentality for years. I'm looking for advice on how to learn more about investing. But I find myself either reading articles that are too basic or that are too complex and could use some guidance on where to learn next.

My financial background is as follows: I am a regular reader of general investing articles in papers and magazines for the last 18 years (since college). I learned the basics of living under one's means, avoiding debt, maxing out pre-tax savings in 401K's, buying broad based index funds, and asset allocation. My husband and I followed all these rules and are financially comfortable. My only financial experience has been buying mutual funds in 401K's, IRA's, and utilizing employee stock purchase plans and employee stock options. We recently had a large one-time financial windfall. I have time on my hands and am interested in the mental challenge of learning more about investing and taking a more active role in managing our portfolio and investing this windfall. I find Suze Ormond well meaning but way too basic. Jim Cramer gives me headaches from his rants although I do hear some good ideas from him (Booyah to the $500 I made on one of his tips). I bought Jane Bryant Quinn's book "Making the Most of Your Money" years ago and follow much of her advice. I bought an updated copy of that book and am re-reading it as I haven't read it in 8 years or so. I'm a fan of buy and hold and my timeline for investing is long term.

I have recently subscribed to the Stock Advisor (my stock position has already covered that cost 11 times over! Thanks Tom and Dave!) I've just subscribed to Hidden Gems and Pay Dirt, although Pay Dirt may be a little too in depth for me as some of the stock analysis makes my eyes glaze over. The biggest tips I've gotten from the boards so far are - use limit orders, don't purchase after hours, and to invest in thirds. I've put 1/3 of the windfall in cash, 1/3 in Vanguard's Total Stock Market fund, and am planning to invest the last 1/3 in stocks.

Any suggestions or comments on how to learn more? I love reading, I'm open to taking classes, or joining investment clubs.

Thanks for any advice.

p.s. Sorry to all the NFL fans that South Florida has rain on the night of the SuperBowl. ;-)

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