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Subject:  Re: Liberal Early Retirement Date:  2/7/2007  10:50 AM
Author:  FoolYap Number:  989 of 122760

I wish the Fool had an ignore by board feature then I'd be more apt to p-box someone. As it is I don't p-box anyone. They may say something good somewhere.

I've asked for that feature on ITF, as have many others. It'll never happen.

I know what you're saying. There are plenty of people who have opinions I find distasteful. I don't as a rule p-box them.

And there is one troll here -- I won't use names, since there is another one here who FA's anything I say that that references that troll by name and that could be construed as a "personal attack" -- who often posts very useful information in other forums. It would be nice to be able to read that.

However, that troll has a long history of going BSC in certain forums, LBYM being one, RECF being another. And, every so often, even in one of the forums where sanity is more typical. Certain kinds of hateful diatribe make me want to reply. Yet, history has shown the futility of it. And neither do I want to just read and let it pass by. I don't want to read it.

Hence, I p-box. Yeah, I might miss some useful information. There's other sources for it. Life's too short. Why wait to step on a big, stinky verbal turd?

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