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Subject:  Re: A fix for social security and medicare Date:  3/15/2007  8:21 PM
Author:  FCorelli Number:  3404 of 125643

Nobody is going to have "$20,000" at age 25. ???

This is where it all falls apart. Right outta da chute
It ain't good enough if the best you can say is, it is do-able. Basically it is an appeal to whimsy. It means you can dream it. How do you DO IT?
Instead of saying that it can't be done, why don't we explore what might be doable. For instance, if we change the age to 30, $30,000 will get you to $1 million by age 67. Is $30,000 doable? Assuming 12 years of working before age 31, that would be an average of $2,500/year. If your average salary was $20,000 over that period, you'd likely make it. For those whose average income looks to be less than $20,000, maybe the % of SS and tax could be increased.Calvin

Youre doing it again. Patty-caking the numbers. Banging on pots and pans until it sounds like "Take the 'A' Train".

You used the word.. do-able. Whimsy. Read my last post. Of course you can claim that anything is do-able. Will this work in everbody's case? Does capitalism have any intention or possibility of paying everyone enough money? MAKE THAT WORK. Then you can talk schemes. All youre saying here is this, if we beat the numbers hard enough we can paint a theorhetical case that will work for everybody except the ones for whome it does not work.

Pay people enough so that money will never be a factor. Just like the Rich. Failing that, and it is primo failure of every system --period--, you have to use alternate means of keeping the trickle-down trickling
down. Continuallyu concentrating risk down to the individual level is NO WAY to attain any kind of wealth or security (and wealth and security are what we're takling about so no BS about how bad security is vs freedom) and every rich person knows that and every business model is based on NOT concentrating risk.

yes, almost everything is or can be depicted as "do-able" but A) IS it?/How do-able? And B) Let's see if there's something better
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