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Subject:  Re: Pay Down Student Loan? Date:  3/22/2007  6:59 PM
Author:  Selphiras Number:  250457 of 313062

wish I didn't have to, but, well, there isn't any way to get around that tradition (don't go there ... trust me).</i


I'd be willing to bet they've "gone there" and this is the end result. Inasmuch as people around here talk massive amounts of smack about engagement rings, if he's decided he's going to do it, then he will and that's that.

If what Mrs. Poppy said is true, OP, you should start talking differently about the ring. Your initial post indicates that you do NOT want to do this and are giving in. If you have made a conscious choice to buy this ring because you really want to (whatever those reasons might be for wanting to), you cann't say things like "not any way to get around that tradition." There is ALWAYS a way around things that are not necessary (food, clothing, housing for instance). Either you have made a choice to do so and thus want to do it; or you do not want to do it in which case you still have the option of not doing so. No one can make you spend thousands on an engagement ring.

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