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Subject:  MeiraMeira Balance update Date:  3/23/2007  11:21 AM
Author:  MeiraMeira Number:  250481 of 313065

Well, I am finally in the 6's!!!!

My remaining debt is $6,9998.81, so I'm obviously hanging onto the 6's for dear life. At the end of the month is when I make my small payment and only have $300 going to the balance I I keep putting off finishing up my taxes and owe $200, but will get $200 back from my state taxes so it's a wash of sorts.

On the 15th is when I make my larger payment of at least $1500. I may be able to pay as high as $1750, but it depends as I'm job interviewing and may have to buy a new outfit...and when you're 6'4" and female....simple dress pants are close to $100. Ugh.

In any case, my next update at around this time next month should have me in the neighborhood of $5,450 (this includes my monthly gym membership coming off the card and my monthly ZipCar payment). It would be nice to somehow report in from the 4's though, but I'm not sure I'll be able to squeeze the other $450 out of the budget.

Now that it's warmer weather though, my heating bill will go way down and that will start to open up a lot of cash.

The only thing that could knock me off track is my change in jobs. I was going to try and hold on here until I was totally paid off, but I'm not thinking that is possible.

I did piece back what my original amount was that I started with when this journey began far too many years ago and it was $35,400 and that was not including the car I had at the time that I owed about 10k on. I carried this debt on a salary, at the time, of about 40k.

So I truck on.
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