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Subject:  Re: A couple of friendly CC stories... Date:  3/23/2007  12:42 PM
Author:  Yesbabe Number:  250487 of 313016

I had a similar story with MBNA a few years ago and refuse to ever do business with them. Except with my experience, it was even more weird.

I had applied for a second MBNA credit card and was denied for no really good reason, and that denial prompted them to look at "something" in my credit report that allowed them to reduce my credit line from $7500 down to $500 and raise my interest. I checked all my credit reports to see what horrible inaccuracy must've been on there to cause it, and nothing had changed. Nothing recently opened, balances lower than they had been in relation to my credit limits, no late payments in over 10 years. It was strange. I told them to cancel the card outright rather than lower my credit line like that. Then they put on my credit report that they had closed my account (not that I had), and it was the one time in my life that I didn't have anything in writing to back me up. I could not get that notation changed, although I did put a note on it, and I hoped that anybody in the future offering me credit would not hold it against me since my credit history was otherwise great.

I'm sure Chase will be doing something similar to me soon. I have all my debt rolled onto my Chase credit card at 4.9% for life (we're talking $20,000 out of a $23,500 credit line). I check my balances online every single day to make sure I don't mess up my payments and cause any default to make my rate skyrocket. I had freed up $3,200 in credit on that card and decided to transfer the last $3,000 from another card to it, also at the same transfer rate. So I get a call from their fraud department to ask if I had done that, and if I didn't call back in 24 hours, they were going to deny it. I called back and they allowed the check to go through. Fortunately I don't care what they do to my interest rate (I don't even know what the regular rate is) since I don't use it except to pay off the BT and have no intention of running a balance with them when this is finally paid off in 2 years. But I just know they're going to do something, based on what I've been hearing about Chase lately.
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