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Subject:  Re: A couple of friendly CC stories... Date:  3/24/2007  11:55 AM
Author:  WarriorNurse Number:  250537 of 313010

So, would it be better to just keep the same two credit card accounts I have now (one was hiked to 19% the other 14% for no good reason) and keep paying them off rather than trying to transfer them to other teaser and lower-interest rate cards? If I transfer them, will those companies do the same thing and jack up the interest rates to 29% just for the fun of it? Would I be better off to just keep plugging away with Citibank and Discover with what they've done?

I pay my credit cards online, and on time---never late. There was not a single reason for them to jack up the rates. The Citi card is 2.9% for the life of the transferred balance (which is the bulk) and 19% on new purchases (which is less than half, but still a good amount of the balance). The Discover is 14% on the entire balance, and is the lesser of the two balances. I always pay more than the minimum on both balances---even if just $25 - $75.

I get new offers several times a week, but maybe "they're too good to be true" and there is a trick or two up their sleeves! Now I'm fearful to take the plunge and do a balance transfer.

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