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Subject:  Best way to get through next 2 months Date:  3/31/2007  11:47 AM
Author:  mw5280 Number:  250846 of 313080

I have been trying to pay off my cc debt for and am in year 2 of a 5 year plan. I have cut expenses, raised income, use only cash and debit cards, etc. I have just hit a depressing snag and trying to figure out how to move on.

I am a contract employee who was slated to roll off my contract March 30 but thankfully given a 2 week extension, job ends April 13. Looking furiously for work, may have a part-time gig starting May 1 and looking for full time work but to be safe, I am anticipating having to go 4-6 weeks without work. I have put some money in savings to fund this but it's a bare minimum amount and will only cover my basic expenses for a month, will not include:

$2700 payment to IRS for 2006 (I miscalculated income taxes but have now hired an accountant as TurboTax was my previous method)

$1400 payment to pay off a motor scooter which I have a 0% interest until May 2007 (then it jumps to 20% on the full amount which was $2900)

The old Me would have just moved these amount to a credit card, but the new Me refuses to get into more debt.

Some Options:

Tax Payment: Option 1: File deferred payment plan and pay back the IRS over the next year (YUK but a possibility). Option 2: Get a new job ASAP and use my savings to pay the taxes (am aiming for this but need a backup), Option 3: cash out a tiny Annuity fund I have which would probably just about cover this amount.

Scooter Payment: Option 1: move the amount to my 6.9% credit card, Option 2: Sell the scooter (can probably sell for $2200) - this is my current mode of transportion to/from work but I have other options.

Psychologically I cannot make more debt from myself, I already feel like this debt payoff is taking decades and it's only been 2 years. Am I missing any other options?
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