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Subject:  Ridiculous Date:  4/22/2007  12:19 AM
Author:  khalou Number:  1389 of 1675

I was posting on a Christian board (I'm an atheist by the way) and the subject of Islam came up.

I was inundated by descriptions of Islam that mirror the more condemning descriptions of Christianity. To say the least, I was surprised.

People like to point to the more horrible scriptures in the Old Testament and use a very narrow focus to make the case that Christianity is a horrible religion. I'm sure you all might have noticed that. :o)

Of course, this is a dishonest tactic, and Christians are constantly defending themselves against it.

It absolutely surprised me to see them using the same tactic against your religion. I have been a fan of this board for years and years, and am grateful to you all for providing me with the opportunity to be at least informed about the facts and fallacies of Islam to some extent.

I tried to make the case that such misinterpretation of a religion by virtue of picking and choosing verses out of context is the enemy of all faiths, and is probably an immoral act. I am no enemy of Christianity or any other religion by the way. What I am is a person who doesn't know, but gets angry when absolute opinions are based on ones wishes things should be instead of what they are.

I must admit that I never hated Christianity more so than that day.

A personal failing, of course, but I couldn't seem to help it. I am over that now.

I am here today to ask if there has ever been a consummate website that explains the reality of Islam that includes all of the text of the Quran that is regularly taken out of context, and shows the meaning of those verses in reality. I have found much by taking each and every verse taken out of context and looking for the truth, but it would be wonderful if someone has created a snopes-like site that might suffice.

I'd like to say one other thing in closing-

It seems that the vast majority of Islam believes in the merciful nature of its followers, while the Christians always argue that "most" Christians only say that they are Christians, but the path is narrow.

As an atheist, I can't help but wonder what the world would be like if the majority believed in mercy.


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