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Subject:  Re: Ridiculous Date:  4/22/2007  10:14 PM
Author:  bufftrainer Number:  1390 of 1675

I've addressed the consistent patterns of those (many but hardly all of them, IMO, Muslim) who so distort the Faith, but I'm beginning to feel a bit self-conscious for repeatedly linking to a post of my own. Not, apparently, self-conscious enough not to do it again, however. When I began the inquiry that ended in my conversion from a luke-warm Christian to a sincere Muslim I had to investigate these slanders myself, so here's a superficial account of my journey:

I never hated Christianity more so than that day.

I don't know that Christianity did that; some people who call themselves "Christians" (and perhaps a variety of bigots of other theological bents) did it. More specifically (I presume), fundamentalist Christians did it. Fundamentalist "Muslims" share the theological interpretations of these "Christians", and rig their arguments exactly the same way. Fundamentalists of different faiths, as much as they perhaps hate one another, have much more in common, IMHO, with one another than with their coreligionists.

the Christians always argue that "most" Christians only say that they are Christians, but the path is narrow.

My impression is much different than yours. I think most Christians are more accepting of diversity than you say, and that it is this tolerance that gets them the contempt of fundamentalist (and self-annointed "real" Christians), but neither your nor my impressions really offer any empirical evidence.

I think you'd like Karen Armstrong's The Battle or God.

Since I personally have never felt the need for a site like that you describe, I've no idea whether it exists, but I'll look into it for you. I do recall another Armstrong book, Islam: A Brief History, describing and itemizing some Qur'anic verses often taken from literary and historical context by bin Laden and the like. Let me repeat "historical", as that's a type of context too often overlooked in reading the Holy Qur'an.

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