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Subject:  Re: Discover Reward Changes Date:  6/21/2007  10:41 AM
Author:  concordiadiscors Number:  254702 of 313065

Discover Marketing Guy: How about if we offer 5% back on a limited amout of stuff but pack it with lots of conditions so we don't actually have to pay 5% on very much? Things like, change what purchases get the 5% every quarter, and make people sign up to get the 5%. If they don't sign up, they still get the cheapo tiered rewards. And just for laughs, we can advertise a 5% back gas card, but put a $1200 purchase limit so that we start paying 0.25% back on gas midway through the card year for most people. People are lazy, and we'll suck them into using Discover at 0.25% back because they're chasing that 5%.

Discover Executroid: Good work! Have a bonus!

Yep, sounds about right. Though I do sign up for the 5% bonus every quarter, and make sure to use Discover for those things if we need them. Hey, we ended up buying a shed at Lowe's this spring. And we'll use Discover for gas in Q3.

I've also gotten calls from Discover over the years asking why I don't use them more and what they can do to make me their favorite credit card. I tell them that they can eliminate the tiers. Funny, that never goes over well.

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