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Subject:  Re: Discover, the Fine Print Date:  7/10/2007  1:30 PM
Author:  Patzer Number:  255431 of 312796

my four most recent billing cycles had gas purchases of $101.27, $90.22, $122.51, and $102.39.

just curious, but would it make more sense to buy a vehicle that gets better fuel efficiency?

i'm assuming you live on the west coast if your fill-ups are regularly over $ that correct?

I love the analysis, but it happens to miss the mark. Those are monthly totals, with 3 or 4 tanks of gas per month. I got a bit annoyed when the cost of filling the tank broke $30, but it's still usually below $35.

why not make an effort to minimize the fuel you HAVE to purchase in the first place?

Interesting that you should say that. I've been trying to drive less, with modest success. Filling the tank is about every 10 days now, as opposed to about every 6 days a year ago. Most of this is factors beyond my control that happened to work out well.

I also noticed on my recent trip that putting the cruise control on at the speed limit increased mileage from 24-26 to 27-30 on the highway. Apparently wind resistance is a bigger factor than I thought in my current vehicle. The next long trip will be optimized for fuel economy, and I'll accept the longer drive time.

Alas, the numbers don't work out well in trading for something that gets 30+ mpg around town. Perhaps I can go there when daughter gets her license; let her have the current car and get something smaller for me.

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