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Subject:  I'm weakening Date:  7/14/2007  10:15 PM
Author:  GusSmed Number:  23706 of 37150

Gollum: We wants a Blu Ray player.

Smaegol: We doesn't needs one! We boughts a HD-DVD player.

Gollum: Why did we buys one of those?

Smaegol: Its was cheaper. Lots cheaper. And the articles says formatses doesn't matter, maybe all movies comes out in both formatses anyways. And lots of good filmses in HD-DVD! Matrix, Apollo 13, Being John Malk -

Gollum: What formats is the Terminator?

Smaegol: Blu Ray.

Gollum: What formatses are all the Pixar filmses?

Smaegol: Blu Ray.

Gollum: What formatses are Memento, The Princess Bride, and The Usual Suspects?

Smaegol: Blu Ray, Blu Ray, Blu Ray.

Gollum: We wants those, doesn't we?

Smaegol: But we already owns those on DVD!

Gollum: We boughts lots of CDs of albums we hads on vinyl.

Smaegol: Nots the same thing.

Gollum: Woulds we buy a Blu Ray player for $200?

Smaegol: <rolls eyes> Of course we woulds! But they costs $500 or more!

Gollum: We wants to play Resistance and Ratchet and Clank 5, doesn't we?

Smaegol: Yes we does, but Ratchet and Clank 5 isn't even outs yet. Besides, we pays $500 for a PS3.

Gollum: Would we pays $200?

Smaegol: Maybe...

Gollum: We pays $200 to play games, and we pays $200 to watch Blu Ray, is $400.

Smaegol: Never cared about Blu Ray before. Why we cares now?

Gollum: We sees 1080i movies at Best Buy, remembers? And we watches 1080i on PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS. We likes what we sees, yessss?

Smaegol: Yesssss....

Gollum: So buys one!

Smaegol: PS3s is $500, not $400.

Gollum: Gets free movies with PS3, yesss? Amazon even throws in remote and extra movie.

Smaegol: Bad, baaad movies! Not likes them.

Gollum: How much we sells movies for on eBay?

Smaegol: $10... $12... $15... $14... $17... $15... $83 altogethers.

Gollum: So how much we pays for PS3s now?

Smaegol: Um, $417?

Gollum: Yesssss!

Smaegol: This is wrong. Sssso wrong...

- Smaegus.
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