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Subject:  Re: Whatever you do, avoid mutual funds Date:  7/19/2007  7:15 PM
Author:  Yumoroz Number:  15574 of 18064

thanks, Littlechap, maybe you understood Selena better,
however, I want to repeat my point:

When I started to read it, what I was expecting was something like this
1) Mutual funds suck!
2) Mutual funds suck?
3) Hm, maybe they are not such a bad idea?
4) Oh, yes, they aren’t so bad after all
5) And some of them are really good
and here, of course, you could add a sales pitch:
“Click here and you will see exactly the good examples of mutual funds and for $$$/year etc ….”

what I read, however, was something like this
(of course, only my first impression)
1) Mutual funds suck!
2) Mutual funds suck?
3) well, looks like they really do…
4) oh, no, not all of them, or rather almost all, except for our Champion funds,
which you can get for only $$$ year

Of course, she did not have to do what I was thinking of (like showing some anti-funds points, then ridiculing them or showing other, pro- arguments), she was more creative, and now, after reading your comment I looked again and yes, I see it now, EACH of the mutual funds good points was presented the same anti-way
so I can say, yes, she did it, but I didn’t get it
And not because I was thinking she is serious about “mutual funds suck”, I knew this is a joke, but probably we have different sense of humor (or I just don’t have enough)

Now about hostility: first, I should apologies, especially being from the country with old hospitality traditions (former Soviet Rep. of Georgia), of course it is not nice to say bad things about your hosts and their food, especially if it is free for you,
but since I am a paid member here (BTW, is it true that now participation in the Boards is free?) and also tried Champion funds, wanted to say following:
1) I subscribed for the free month at CF after reading a lot of ads about “Doubling your returns”, then could not find any numbers with ratio of 2, rather 1.5-1.6 (something like 25% vs 16%), which, with all due respect, I cannot call “double”, and the model portfolios, had again, pretty good results, but nothing close to doubling and I believe, not even better than any reasonable well allocated portfolio (large-mid-small caps, foreign including emerging, REITs) in last 2-3 year
2) I complained about it and while I cannot claim it was because of my complaint, but at least it was after it, at least one part of the ads changed to “How I almost doubled…”. Well, whether 1.6 is almost 2 is hard to tell,
but at least it satisfied me and while I decided not to continue into paid subscription (thinking that $150/year for me personally is too much for it), I had nothing more against it
3) Now I opened the link in Selena’s article and so it all again:
“How I DOUBLED the Market's Return
“Earning DOUBLE the Return of the market!"
"7 Secrets to Earning DOUBLE the Market's Return "”
and only the picture of “19.2% vs 32.5%” said "CF Nearly Double..."

THIS already “ticked me off”, while I do understand that first of all, this is not Selena’s ad, and not the part of her article, and second, DOES need money to keep this all running

best regards,
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