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Subject:  Behe must be stopped Date:  7/31/2007  8:31 AM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  10349 of 27167

In a previous thread, Goofyhoofy offers this advice to Behe:

If Behe wants to convince people then he needs to convince people; not with negative arguments that lead nowhere, but by providing proof of what he is saying. To date he has supplied none and seems incapable of doing so.

Seems Behe has been doing just that, convincing people all over the world, at least according to Barbara "Can't see the trees" Forrest, professional anti-ID crusade cheerleader:

Trends in Biochemical Sciences
Volume 32, Issue 7, July 2007, Pages 301-310
Creationists are attempting to use biochemistry to win acceptance for their doctrine in the public mind and especially in state-funded schools. Biochemist Michael Behe is a major figure in this effort. His contention that certain cellular structures and biochemical processes – bacterial flagella, the blood-clotting cascade and the vertebrate immune system – cannot be the products of evolution has generated vigorous opposition from fellow scientists, many of whom have refuted Behe's claims. Yet, despite these refutations and a decisive defeat in a US federal court case, Behe and his associates at the Discovery Institute continue to cultivate American supporters. They are also stepping up their efforts abroad and, worryingly, have achieved some success. Should biochemists (and other scientists) be concerned? We think they should be.
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