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Subject:  Re: Discover magazine review of Behe Date:  7/31/2007  8:44 AM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  10350 of 27171

I'd like to see Behe get fair treatment in the science journals.
What, exactly, would you like to see?

I know it's too much to ask of the science establishment, but my dream would be

1. Behe's arguments are acurately portrayed in the review
2. Behe gets a chance to respond in the same journal.

The reality is that anyone challenging established theory gets a hostile reaction.

This is true. Why is it always that way do you think?

Behe's saying "This is too complicated to understand" is not science, it's an admission of the limitations of his brain. His bringing up of a couple of pieces of minutae which are not yet explained is not persuasive; we don't understand gravity, yet no one goes around saying "the theory of gravity is wrong."

Behe doesn't say that. This is the sad fact of the state of things, people read the stupid reviews and are content that Behe has nothing, and repeat inaccurate stuff like this.

What "minutae" has Behe brought up? Oh right, the molecular challenge to evolution. Those tiny, microscopic things that don't matter in the long run, "I mean just look at all this cool stuff evolution did, its all around you", right?

Unfortunately, if evolution can't get past the "minutae" of evolving protein-to-protein binding sites of the kind Behe studies, then it can't do all the pretty stuff you think it's done. It couldn't be more simple.

In Behe's latest book The Edge of Evolution he argues based on empirical observation what evolution can and can't do by itself. This is not "Oh my this is too complicated" type of argument, its more "I've observed these conditions, with these results". Sounds kinda like science.

Perhaps that is why his own peers at his own university, with whom he presumably has plenty of time and discussion and argument have disowned him and want nothing to do with him, because he is an embarrassment to them and to the entire scientific community at large.

Yeah, the science community really dropped the ball big time on that one, and let Behe slip through the cracks, or else we wouldnt be having this discussion.
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