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Subject:  Re: New light on rise of monotheism in the west Date:  8/18/2007  12:30 AM
Author:  jimpiccard Number:  488 of 492

That link didn't work; but I do appreciate the out-take.

The Orpheus cult raised the notion of a single creator god — as opposed to the multitude of deities the ancient Greeks believed in — and influenced later monotheistic faiths.

"In a way, it was a precursor of Christianity," Pierris said. "Orphism believed that man's salvation depended on his knowledge of the truth."

The only problem is, of course, that "Christianity' is not a monotheistic religion. In fact, by definition, Christians are worshippers of the Christ-cult figure; which is not even the king of the gods, just the son (and the bastard son, no less).

The only true monotheistic religion among the large-scale ones I can think of is Judaism. (I don't include Islam, for the simple reason that many muslims treat Mohammed almost as if he is a god. Witness the extreme reaction against the Danish cartoons; a much more severe reaction than Christians do equivalent when one of their god-figures, Jesus, is the subject of same).

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