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Subject:  Re: Duck's next car Date:  8/29/2007  8:38 AM
Author:  DuckyDuck Number:  55842 of 73231

Duck has already proven with the Aztek and the Prius that he marches to a different automotive drummer than I do. I'm happy for him, and hope he and the xB have a long and happy relationship.

Just come right out and say it, "Duck is just <effing> weird!"

Smallish? 1.5L and 103hp??? You have a gift for understatement. Miniscule? Tiny? I understand that the vehicle (car, truck, who knows?) is relatively light, 2400-2500 lb., but still, talk about underpowered. The power is puny even for the displacement - Honda gets at least 20 more horses out of the same displacement.
Predictably, the engine generates scary acceleration numbers. 0-60 10.6 sec. in the automatic, a tich under ten seconds with the manual.

I'm not saying I'm NOT a speed freak or a speed prude. I've just driven LOTS of very pedestrian cars and a lot of the slow "economy" vehicles in the past, such that, in comparison, this xB goes like spit! I've owned a diesel VW, I've had pickup trucks with straight sixes and manual transmissions, and other pokey things, even the first-generation Prius is a slow, sewing machine that takes a bit to wind up (with the CVT). But also, the size and flat handling of the xB make it feel a little more exciting.

It feels fun to drive, although the numbers don't really show that at all.

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