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Subject:  Re: Fun with Words in the Workplace Date:  8/30/2007  8:27 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  7924 of 15365

Actually it was quite nice, too. We actually redesigned my whole work area and I'm having a few things done. The telephone cord got lengthened so I don't have to reach so far for it, my chair is getting readjusted and my computer keyboard tray is getting moved over six inches so I am not straining to avoid a bookcase that's on my right when I use my mouse.

How about monitor settings?

If your screen refresh rate isn't above 70 hertz... turn it up! If your video card or monitor won't support a higher rate, or imposes a lower-than-you-like resolution limit at the higher rate... buy hardware!

Monitor flicker is a major culprit in severe-headache-inducing eyestrain. It can have other nasty effects too. You don't have to be able to consciously detect the flicker for it to cause trouble. Many people, perhaps even most people, will have symptoms at 60 hertz, which at least used to be the default. Very few people will have any effect if the rate is above 70 Hz.

(How to get to this in Windows: start from the desktop. Right-click on the desktop itself - NOT on any icons, buttons, or bars - and select Properties. Go to the Settings tab and click the Advanced button. Then go to the Monitor tab and there it is.)

Yes, the vertical refresh rate matters on LCD screens too, although not as much as on CRTs.
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